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This collection includes a book of gorgeous photography and memories from the Fall Formal event held in 2011 at The Orpheum Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. A 2GB flash drive containing 8 songs and 10 videos is included,featuring the music and work of Metaphorest, Babbish, LizzieMackie, rcjohnso, MarieIv, missamerica, with live performances by RegularJOE, Anne Hathaway, Sia, Kid Koala, Gary Oldman, Neil Patrick Harris & more!

And, once you’ve transferred the videos and music to your computer and audio player, use the flash drive to hold some of your other precious RECords! :o)

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"The Deep Unknown"

Music by Babbish


Marke (Creative Director) writes:

It has so much space built into it that it could support some wicked remixing and layering of sounds, words, beats, and more.