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The Discovery of the Loneliness of Air for Franz Reichelt

Audio by Johnnyclyde


MattConley (Community Director) writes:

I love the otherwordly vibes of this audio record. Musicians, what can be added to this? Strings? Percussion? …What else?

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Counting On the Season

Song by lyrictician


Krrr (Audio Curator) writes:

I dig this a lot. First thought was Bon Iver meets U2. My thought process listening to this was “I hope he build it, oh shit he did!…. I hope he builds it more, oh shit he did again!”

I think this would be a great song for a video. Something Christmas themed…

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"Beyond The Wall"

Song by VRE_H


MattConley (Community Director) writes:

This feels like it’s in line with the “RE: Loops” collaboration. Audio remixers could sample the sounds in this track or musicians could add to it. Percussion may be a good start. I like this one a lot!

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