We’re gonna start coming up w/ Ideas that could become specific Segments for each of the Themes for our Season 2 episodes. Now we are exploring some of the Angles RE: Secrets that the community’s really been rallying behind.


ALL ARTISTS: Contribute new or existing RECords for each of the following Angles for the RE: Secrets episode:

  • Spying & Espionage
  • Cover-Ups
  • Love Affairs
  • Personal Secrets Revealed
  • Blackmail
  • Gossip
  • Subconscious Secrets
  • Secret Recipes
  • Trade Secrets
  • Secret Societies
  • Miscellaneous


Contribute to the “RE: SECRETS” collab HERE!

RE: THE DARK: ALL ARTISTS, contribute your art and ideas regarding this theme. Or RECord yourself answering THESE QUESTIONS.  CONTRIBUTE HERE

RE: THE NUMBER TWO: ALL ARTISTS, contribute your art and ideas regarding this theme. Or RECord yourself answeringTHESE QUESTIONSCONTRIBUTE HERE

MUSICIANS: RECord yourself on video performing THIS SONG in nature. CONTRIBUTE HERE


Come Work w/ Us!


Let’s make a series of funny :15-:30 shorts featuring an array of taxidermied animals from the site. Contribute your scripts, VO performances, and video edits to the collaboration.


COMEDY WRITERS: Create short, snappy Scripts featuring taxidermied animals from THIS ALBUM by brookeduckart The aim is for the scripts to be between :15-:30 each.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform Voice Overs for scripts you like from the collab. You could also just improvise your performances.

VIDEO EDITORS: Cut together Voice Overs with taxidermied animal characters. Watch THIS VIDEO by Ryan Patrick as a reference.


Contribute to the “RE: TAXIDERMY” collab HERE!