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"One Song" Score Request


Work on a few short pieces of Music for wirrow’s new Animated Short Film based on the notes below from jeffpeff. CONTRIBUTE HERE



Next up musically for our “One Song” collaboration is a need for 2 larger pieces of music, and 2 shorter pieces:

1) A piece for the Opening and Closing Narration parts.

2) A piece under The Spirit of Music’s dialogue where she tells them they must work together.

3) A super-short scary underscore for Silence’s arrival, where they all scream.

We don’t have the final voiceover or animation in place to work with yet, but you can READ THE SCRIPT HERE for the text.  It’s what we call a ‘Pre-score’ : ) We hope to have your contributions by Monday, September 30th!


Opening / Closing Narration Music: 2 Pieces, about 25 seconds each

Both pieces are about 25 seconds long.  No shorter than 20, and no longer than 30, as counted from ‘first sound’ to ‘letting the last note ring out appropriately’. They should probably be stylistic bookends for the piece, so if you’re going to do one of them, I’d encourage you to do the other too, so they’re as-related to each other as they can be…We’ll probably favor compositions that are written for both parts.

The goal of the Opening Music is to give some weight to the opening narration.  You could play through it without much musical commentary on the narration, or you could break it down into 3 very short sections:  1) A straight-up introduction 2) Some darkness under “…but silence was angered by this disturbance of his slumber…” and 3) A return to the feeling of number 1 above, maybe with the addition of something to indicate some tension, as it leads right into the Spirit of Music’s challenge to the crowd.

For the Closing Music, nothing much is needed more than a happy wrap-up to the story.  Again, if you’ve also done the opening music, you should use the same palette of sounds, maybe revisit a melody. As for the tone:  Personally, I think it’s ‘fairy tale’.  Dunno what more to say, really.  Given that this is essentially a comedy piece, it could very well be traditional-sounding, with strings and flutes and harps and the like;  Pastoral and sweet…cuz we’re going to sully up the mood with some snarky humor later on, undercutting it…which is always funny : )  But if you want to imprint some weird, unique stamp on this world instead, by all means:  Let’s hear it!


A Cue for the Reveal of The Spirit of Music

Here’s what we need…Times are EXACT, give or take one second.  In reality, this is one single cue, but to work the humor, I think it really should be broken down into three different moments.  So I’m defining it as 3 sections:

1) 6 seconds of a majestic, angelic piece, where the Spirit of Music breaks up their argument.  Followed by:

2) 5 seconds of what amounts to a continuation of above, where she says “Only with one song will you all prevail…”.  An inspiring, majestic piece, building in grandeur and anticipation….I suggest it should hold for the glooms’ line “ugh…am I really supposed to compromise etc…”;  Maybe not a full stop…something should continue to ring out and hold, cuz our REAL stop is coming next, and we don’t want to steal the humor from it.

3) 5 seconds of a continuation of the build, where she says “Only with one song will you all prevail…Now go, go…”  Actually, you can make it longer than 5 seconds.  Doesn’t matter how it ends, cuz at some point around 5 seconds, we’re gonna cut it off in an awkward way, as the script notes.


A Cue for Silence

Literally 2 to 3 seconds…A Foreboding, scary moment, just after The Spirit of Music leaves the frame to leave the group at the mercy of Silence, and he steals their screams.  This moment is broken by the Trolls’ line “Alright…So, what we doin?”

MUSICIANS: Contribute your Instrumental parts to THIS SCORE for “Above It All.” Please stick very closely with the timing of the Score when you contribute & refer to THESE NOTES for additional creative direction. CONTRIBUTE HERE


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