We’re gonna start coming up w/ Ideas that could become specific Segments for each of the Themes for our Season 2 episodes. Now we are exploring some of the Angles RE: THE FUTURE that the community’s really been rallying behind.


ALL ARTISTS: Contribute new or exiting RECords for each of the following Angles for the RE: The Future episode:

  • Destiny & Fate
  • Time Travel
  • Predictions of the Future
  • Utopia & Dystopia
  • Worrying
  • Technology
  • No Concept of Time
  • Psychics & Fortune Tellers
  • Miscellaneous (regarding any additional Angles not listed above)


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Morgan M. Morgansen’s Destiny the Personette doing a dynamic double dance narcissing herself in the doubleglass made me do a doubletake.  
Dig it: