ANIMATORS: Create Test Animations of THESE CHARACTERS - Or feel free to animate any other characters in the collab that resonate with you.

VISUAL REQUEST LIST: “Prom Queen” cartoon

ILLUSTRATORS: Illustrate the Visuals below for our “Prom Queen” short film. Please refer to THIS REFERENCE CUT when illustrating these elements. CONTRIBUTE HERE



* Lydia

* Tom

* Tom as Dr. Who

* Math Teacher

* Nasty Girl w/ Princess Dress

* Lydia’s Prom Friends

* Kids Banned From Prom

* Students and Teachers at Prom


* CyberDog Store

* Prom (Exterior)

* Prom (Interior)


* Silver Leggings

* Silver Platform Boots

* Silver UFO Dress

* Multicolored Underskirt

* Double-Decker Bus

* Hummer Limo

* Prom Award: Most Likely To Be Famous

* Prom Award: Most Likely To Host a Quiz Show

* Prom Award: Best Dressed

* Prom Queen Crown

* Princess Dress