“Re: I’m Floating in Your Heaven”
RE: New God Character in “Fall Formal Finale”


As you may or may not know, we are in the process of making an Animated Sequence to be included in the Live Edit of RegularJOE’s “Fall Formal Finale” musical performance. We would like to include this Short Film in the upcoming hitRECorderly #3 Live Album

The latest version of the remix can be seen HERE.

The current version of God, which is illustrated by facelesscow, is awesome and works really well in the current edit. However, we’d like to explore other creative options for this character. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be imaginative in designing an different and original take on GOD! Perhaps GOD can be a woman? Or GOD can be some other worldly entity? Anything that can be considered a fresh take on this ever so established persona.

We have a very tight deadline on this, so we will need these contributions ASAP!



Please contribute your illustrations to the “Fall Formal Finale” collaboration HERE!