CALLING ALL UPRIGHT BASS PLAYERS! We’ve had some fantastic contributions to the "I Love Happy Endings" collab & the mix is sounding great - and now we’d like to add Upright Bass to the mix.


UPRIGHT BASS PLAYERS: Add Upright Bass to THIS MIX. The parts that really need it is the Chorus & Instrumental section. What we need is a solid I-V with a few runs and walks here and there. This Bass will really glue this whole thing together. If you have multiple ideas, do multiple takes!


Contribute to the “I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS” collab HERE!


Come work on the song "I Love Happy Endings" that was started by iamemma. You can contribute instruments of all kinds or write an arrangement for the community to work off of.


MUSICIANS: Play along w/ THIS SONG. We’re looking for any and all instruments, including Woodwinds, Horns, Strings, Guitar, Bass, and Drums.

ARRANGERS: Write an arrangement for an ensemble of any of the instruments above. Or, download stems contributed to the collab and create an arrangement.