I’m super-stoked that we’re sending out over 1,000 Checks totaling more than $700,000 to 2013’s Contributing Artists who reside in 57 different countries all over the world. I am so proud of all the work we did last year - it was an honor to make it all with you.

I know I say this every time we send out checks, but I think it’s worth saying each time. The purpose of hitRECord is not to make money. The purpose of hitRECord is to create meaningful works of art together.

That said, nothing makes me happier than to pay our Contributing Artists for all of the hard work you put into making 2013 our best year yet. I’m excited to collaborate with you again in 2014 and beyond.

Thanks again



We’ve got a great animated short film by wirrow for our collaboration "History Repeats Itself," and now it’s time to score it.


MUSICIANS & CURATORS: Compose - or curate pieces of music from the site - for the score to each section of “History Repeats Itself” HERE - Please refer to THESE NOTES - - for creative direction.

NOTE: Please contribute your Audio Records or Curated Albums by Friday, January 17th. Thanks!


Contribute to the “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF” collab HERE!