PHASERLAND has contributed an awesome remix of MadisenMusic’s song “Science Fiction" - let’s remix it further into a song that’s got a beginning, middle and end.


AUDIO PRODUCERS & REMIXERS: Remix PHASERLAND’S “SCIENCE FICTION” STEMS into an edit that has a significant beginning, middle and end. You’ll also want to download and work off of MADISENMUSIC’S ORIGINAL STEMS so you can try and integrate RichieMillenium’s vocal sample into your mix.

MUSICIANS: Contribute additional Instruments to this track based on the direction PHASERLAND has taken with his mix.



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"A New Year’s Embrace"

Song by MadisenMusic



Now the party hats are broken, and we’ve done all our joking,

About the resolutions we’re gonna keep,

Well the alcohol’s provoking, and no one’s softly spoken,

Tonight’s a night I know, I will have no sleep,

Happy Happy New Years, Goodbye  Goodbye to the Blue years!

Everybody’s gonna be alright. And we know the party’s only getting started tonight,

My hair is full of confetti, I think, I think I’m ready,

To take the plunge into another year,

Well the champagne’s almost empty, the party theme’s 1950s,

And the music on the juke box adores my ears,

Happy Happy New Years, Goodbye  Goodbye to the Blue years!

Everybody we’re gonna be alright. And we know the party’s only getting started tonight,

Now go ahead and pet the New Year, it don’t bite,

Now the party’s turned to nothing, and hopefully we’ve learned something,

That we’ll be better people in days to come,

Now the years begun so quickly, but I need to live it more carefully,

It appears that I’ve already, stepped in gum.

Watch where you’re goin when you’re walkin in the New Year baby!


Dr. Gory (Editor) writes:
MadisenMusic, you have made another hit track with this one right here man!

Not only are the lyrics beautifully written but I feel that these sentiments have a universal quality to them, which is a hard thing to create. 

And the chorus is spot on for a feel good groove that everyone can sing along. It’s sentimental and uplifting all at once. 

Very well done and thanks for sharing.

Alright, who wants to sing along with Madisen? There is plenty of room for more vocals in the chorus and at the end. 

Also, what do you think of adding a accordion or other kinda feel good instruments?
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"Weep for the King"

Music by MadisenMusic



Oh so much pride, you cannot hide,

You live like a King but you’re dying inside,

Still growing old, Silver and Gold,

Can’t buy back your youth as the stories were told.

You’re the King,

You’re the King,

Ah Ah Owww.

You’re getting scared, you’re not prepared,

For living a life that you always bewared,

You have no friends, this is the end,

And now you are wishing that it was pretend.


HERE are the song’s isolated audio stems so you can REmix it!