“Tall Trees on a Dark, Cloudy Mountainside”
“Storm coming…”
“A Life to be Living"
For your viewing and listening pleasure, we are pleased to present you with Look Around - a brand new music video featuring the work of 26 musicians! WATCH HERE
A big thank you to SONY for coming on board as a sponsor of hitRECord and for providing 50 of their brand new Music Video Recorders to members of our community to help shoot this video. The song includes a number of references to the great outdoors, so we asked musicians of all kinds to contribute by playing along to the song in nature. 
As a result of this partnership, all of the contributing artists to this video will receive a portion of our 2013 sponsorship money. 
“RE: Mums in Nature - The Queen Bee”
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“secrets of twilight”
“All the Leaves Fell Down”
“Delicate Arch, UT”
“Re-learning to Breath.”
“Dark Universe”
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“(PORTRAIT) skyler154”


“It’s not what it looks like”