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ANIMATORS: Animate Visuals for this collab.

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NOTE: Please refer to THIS REFERENCE MIX when contributing to this collab.

Oh, It’s Fantastic! HORNS REQUEST



Come & contribute your instrumental parts to “Oh, It’s Fantastic” for the RE: Fantasy episode of our TV show. CONTRIBUTE HERE


Notes from jeffpeff:

I’m very excited to announce that we’ve got a GREAT horn arrangement for this fantastical song and dance number written by a new hitRECorder, Dave Chisolm.  He’s written us a chart for two trumpets, trombone, and tenor sax.  He even went to the length of enlisting some MORE new hitRECorders to play and RECord the trombone and sax parts, and he played/RECorded the trumpet parts himself.  Bravo, all!

Now, we’re ready to put the chart out to the community and invite you all to play along.  Trumpet players!  Trombone players!  Tenor sax players!  Please lay down a track or two to help give us a still-bigger sound.

LISTEN HERE to a reference mix including the new horn RECordings from Dave, and links to the individual instrument tracks are here for Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Tenor Sax, and Trombone.  And here is a link to the chart.

All individual audio files start at measure 1 of the song, and correspond to this package of music materials I uploaded recently;  Use this .zip as the basis for your overdubs to keep us all in sync, please.  And remember to upload your tracks without any backing track, solo’d, with no reverb please.

Oh, and:  Dave played a great plunge mute trumpet solo.  But as they say, ‘it ain’t over til it’s over’…So feel free to lay down your own solo, too!

Thanks again : )