Telephone Game Song Request: UPDATE



ATTN SONG WRITERS: In regards to lyrics for this song, what we’re looking for is a “secret” that changes and gets twisted as the song goes on. So, try to come up with a sentence or two, then find clever ways to alter it as it passes from person to person.

Keep in mind how we communicate with modern technology. How often have you quickly written a text message and had autocorrect change a word that in turn completely changes it’s meaning?

Some other ideas you could incorporate:

• Typing in an instant messenger and you forget a letter in a word. Autocorrect could also apply here.

• Have you been on a Skype call and one person freezes mid-way through a word, and you misheard what was said?

• Talking over the phone and one person cuts out, or a word gets muffled.

The idea is to have each line sung by a different person, and the secret a little bit different with each new person. And that finally culminates in a completely different “secret” that may or may not make any sense whatsoever. In your lyrics, it would be very helpful to mention what method of communication is being used on each line.

Does the secret make it back to the original teller? How does he/she react to it?

Musically it might work best as an upbeat patter song. Try to make it more musical theater-esque in style. Don’t be afraid to mess with the song form. This kind of song doesn’t necessarily need to be Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus.

Have fun with it!